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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


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I'll take some of those sprinkles cupcakes please. yes, right now thank you. :) Diets aren't my favorite. Your stuff is cute! You have a sign like my sister...the one I copied ;)

Great pics. Lens looks like it's working good!

Looks good to me! I like that the apples get first billing...honey crisps???? Where do you get that cute cupcake mix?

Sara coming right up!!!!

No honey crisps - need to have a convo with the grocery shopper....maybe she'll read this! The cupcake mix is from my favorite store :) Williams Sonoma :). Although I buy this stuff from there and then since it's not cheap I save it for "something special" and then I never end up using that! It's going to change - watch me!

Everything looks beautiful! I love the say Grace sign. Thanks for leaving such sweet comments on my blog, even about the dog. :)

So happy to see you switched to Typepad. Do you love it?
And thanks for the shout out:)
Love your kitchen stuff- can you come & help me organize now that yours is finished?

I'm so happy I made the switch - I do love it! Thanks for the tips!!! Sara it's your turn!!

I would love to help you organize but we probably won't get much done cuz we'll just chat away so yes I'd love to help :)!

Looks great!! What's typepad?

Typepad is another blogging software..it's a little diff than blogger and can do some other things - not a huge difference but was better for my biz - if I ever get that up!! :)

Stop kindding yourself, you're a great photographer! I can't wait to see what's to come.

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